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Man in an Arbor (B.257)

Man in an Arbor

  • Etching on thin laid paper, small margins.  Signed and dated, Rembrandt f. 1642.  Collectors' stamps on the verso A.G. de Visser, dated Amsterdam, 1881 in pencil (not in Lugt); unidentified collector's stamp, (HL?) in ink (not in Lugt); and, collector's stamp of Charles Delanglade in ink (Lugt 660), born in 1870, a sculptor, who lived in Marseilles and collected prints, mainly of Rembrandt.
  • Biorklund Barnard's first and only state, Nowell Eusticke's first and only state showing some burr on the horizontal line across the top.
  • According to Nowell Eusticke, an early first state impression.
  • Plate no longer in existence.
  • Nowell Eusticke refers to this as RRR- (between 30-50 prints in collections across the world).  "A very rare plate" quite "possibly a self portrait."
  • According to Scwartz, the date appears to have been changed from 1640.

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