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Presentation in the Temple: Oblong Print
(Simeon's Hymn of Praise) (B.49)

Presentation in the Temple

  • Etching and drypoint on thick, cream laid paper with clean, small margins. Unidentified "P" countermark (not in Ash and Fletcher).
  • Biorklund Barnard's third state of three, White and Boon's third state of three, and Nowell Eusticke's fourth state of six after the white spot along the upper margin is filled in with diagonal and horizontal shading.
  • According to Nowell Eusticke, a late fourth state impression as issued by H.L. Basan (1807) with warm plate tone in the unshaded parts of the presentation, before the extra shading is added on the cloak of the woman with the stick (Anna), and the robes of Simeon and Mary stand out.
  • Although Nowell Eusticke refers to this late fourth state impression as "light" with some wear in the dark shadows and the vault, the pillars and rays are sharply defined, Joseph's turban is removed and he again appears bareheaded, the peak of the man's cap to the left of Joseph is reduced, and his face is more clearly defined.
  • According to Schwartz, this is an illustration in the New Testament, Luke 2:22-38.

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