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Christ & Woman of Samaria: An Arched Print (B.70)

Christ and the Woman of Samaria

  • Etching and drypoint on thick laid paper with clean, substantial margins. Signed and dated in the plate, Rembrandt f. 1658, (in Christ's cloak to the left of the well), barely visible.
  • Biorklund Barnard’s third state of three, White and Boon's third state of three, Nowell Eusticke's fifth state of five after the date is now changed to 1658, the plate is reduced to 125 x 160mm (from the second state), and the addition of new shading in the upper left portion.
  • According to Nowell Eusticke, a late fifth state impression as issued by Bernard (1845) after the addition of a large patch of left to right diagonal shading between Christ and the woman.
  • There is also a signature, Rembrandt f. 1657, in the dark shadows on the left rim of the well.
  • According to Schwartz, this is a depiction from the New Testament, John 4:5-42.
  • White and Boon note that the portion of the plate that was cut away in the second state was probably used for Woman Bathing her feet at the Brook, B. 200, dated 1658.

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