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A Young Man Seated & Standing
(also known as The Go-Cart) (B.194)

A Young Man Seated and Standing

  • Etching on thick laid paper with clean, substantial margins.
  • Biorklund Barnard's fourth state of four, White and Boon's third state of three, and Nowell Eusticke's sixth state of seven, after the outline of the loin cloth of the seated man is filled in, and the addition of the six horizontal lines covering the blank patch on the cushion below the seated man.
  • According to Nowell Eusticke, a sixth state impression as issued by Bernard (1845) after the entire plate was rebitten and reworked with the heavy vertical shading along the top of the mound left.
  • Nowell Eusticke refers to this impression as "strong".
  • According to Schwartz, this print is also referred to as "The Walking Trainer".
  • In White and Boon's commentary, the figure of the standing man compares to drawings of the same model, though seen from slightly different angles, in London (Benesch 710) and Vienna (Benesch 709). White and Boon further comment that the Dutch title is "het rolwagentje" which refers to the "Go-cart" in the right background.

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