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Landscape with a Cow Drinking (B.237)

Landscape with a cow drinking

  • Etching on Ingres d’Arches off-white laid paper (watermark) with large margins. The second state according to Bjorklund, the sixth sate according to Nowell – Eusticke. A 20th century impression printed by Marjorie Van Dyke. From the ‘Millennium’ edition limited to 2500 examples.
  • It is believed that in this peaceful pastoral image, Rembrandt combined the landscape in the foreground from the surrounding countryside of Amsterdam with a series of mountains in the distance taken from a location hundreds of miles from Amsterdam. To achieve the atmospheric quality found in “Landscape with a Cow Drinking” Rembrandt employed very delicate line work created with a fine etching needle.
  • Around the time of the creation of this etching plate (ca. 1650), Rembrandt’s financial status began to deteriorate and grow desperate, and he was unable to make his mortgage and tax payments any longer. Scholars often suggest that this etching and other landscapes of the period may reflect his desire to be transported to peaceful and idyllic far away from the troubles in his life. 

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